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Temple Shalom Confirmation Requirements


Early Reform Judaism created the ceremony of Confirmation for the more mature middle teen years in order to provide young people an opportunity to "confirm" their faith as Jews and to assume a rightful role in the Jewish Community. Just as the Jewish people at Sinai spoke their acceptance of Judaism, so our children are called upon to come before God, their families, their Rabbi, and their congregation to say: "Based upon what I understand Judaism to be and upon what it means to me, I am willing to take my place today among the countless generations that have gone before me. I am willing to declare my acceptance, my confirmation of my Judaism."



1. The Confirmation program will encompass the secular grades 9 and 10.

2. The ceremony of Confirmation will take place at the end of the 10th grade at the time of the holiday of Shavuot.

3. The candidate for Confirmation must successfully complete the curriculum of the religious school and must have attended a religious education program for the three (3) years immediately prior to entering the Confirmation year.

4. Students in the Confirmation program will be taught by the rabbi and/or a lay leader.

5. Students in the program are required to attend holiday services and Sabbath Services a minimum of one time per month during the school year. Youth group events, which include worship experiences, will count for one service.

6. Students in the program are urged to participate in the youth activities of the congregation that will be carried out in conjunction with ACTY and NFTY of the UAHC. Parents should support and encourage them.

7. Parents of the confirmands are responsible for the social following the confirmation ceremony.

8. Confirmation becomes spiritually, psychologically, and educationally important because it is the formal opportunity to declare a choice publicly. Your congregation has provided you the opportunity to acquire a Jewish education, to participate in Jewish worship, and to participate in Jewish experiences through summer camp and Temple youth group. Based on these opportunities, and on what you now understand Judaism to mean, your congregation asks you to make this important choice.

9. Since Confirmation is the time of choice, that aspect must be reflected in the content of the Confirmation service itself. The total effect of the ceremony needs to convey the emotional and spiritual emphasis of choice.


High School

Temple Shalom Confirmation classes are held as a regular part of ongoing Jewish education and commitment. (See Confirmation under Study.)


All high school students are invited to participate in NFTY-SO (North American Federation of Temple Youth - Southern Region) programs.

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