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Support Temple Shalom

Temple Shalom offers a reform Jewish community with opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, lifelong learning and social interaction.  All of the programs and activities of the Temple run on a small budget and are mostly volunteer-driven. Dues alone do not pay for the rabbi or the building or any of the programs or Temple activities that make up our active congregational life.  In kind and cash donations make up the difference and can collectively make a big impact.

In the Jewish tradition, donations to charity are a way that we give thanks to God, ask forgiveness from God, or request a favor from God. Giving “tzedakah” is a righteous act and a Jewish obligation that can be fulfilled in many ways.

If a thriving Jewish community in Acadiana is something that you value, consider supporting Temple Shalom with your donations of any size in memory of a deceased loved one, in celebration of a birthday or anniversary or other simcha, or “just because.” Remember that tzedakah is more about the act of giving than about the amount.

Here is a listing of the various funds to which you may wish to make a donation.

TREE OF LIFE FUND provides a permanent and visual donation in honor of a happy occasion.  The Tree of Life was donated to Temple Shalom by John Weinstein. Click here to contact Arnie Auerbach to purchase a leaf.

BRONZE Leaf |  $72 (4 TIMES CHAI) 

SILVER   Leaf  |  $108 (6 TIMES CHAI)

GOLD Leaf  | $144 (8 TIMES CHAI)

GENERAL FUND donations are used for the general operating expenses of the Temple.

ENDOWMENT FUND donations provide funds for the long-term rabbinic leadership needs of Temple Shalom.

RABBI FUND is used to defray the cost of having a rabbi provide spiritual leadership.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND provides additional funding for the Religious School of Temple Shalom.

CHAI/TORAH FUND provides funds for items relating to the sanctuary such as prayer books, pulpit furniture, Torahs, repair of Torahs, and so forth.

LIBRARY FUND was created in memory of Jeanne Weill.  Donations are used to purchase books, videos, music and other items for the library which are available for check-out.

MUSIC FUND provides liturgical and non-liturgical music for Temple Shalom services and related events.

FLORAL FUND  This fund provides pulpit flowers for various holidays including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and other designated events.

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND provides additional funding for the rabbi to use for congregational needs at his or her discretion.

Donations of any amount are accepted; however, many people enjoy giving a donation of  “Chai” or multiples of “Chai” which is the number 18 ($18) in Hebrew. “Chai” means “life.”

Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783